Welcome to EveryCheck

EveryCheck is a french company that checks resume's references before hiring. Our mission is to check whether the applicant's references are true or not.

To proceed the checking of your resume:

Verification of CVs on the applicant's side

Before checking an applicant's CV we need their input

1. Authorization

To start the background check process, please know that you must sign an authorization. Without it, the background check will not be possible.

2. Identity

Please know that some informations about your identity will be requested such as your name, surname, date of birth... etc.

3. University course

You will be asked for information about your academic background (school, duration of training, etc.)

4. Profesionnal career

Then, you will inform us of your professional background.

5. Verification method

Finally, you can either choose the classic verification method or boost your verification with Pôle Emploi.

Verification of CVs on the applicant's side

Before checking an applicant's CV we need their input

Is resume checking legal ?

Since a french law voted in 1992, your potential employer has the right, and the duty, to check what is written in your resume is true. The recruiter must inform you what hiring methods will be used.

How long my data will be saved ?

EveryCheck keeps your data and the delivery for 2 years, starting from the delivery date. From then, EveryCheck will anonymize and delete those data.

Who is able to access to your data ?

The data collected on this platform is headed to the hiring company only. We do not use your data commercially. However, after being anonymized, they could be used for statistic ends.

What are your rights ?

According to the french law “informatique et libertés” n°78-17 of the 6th January 1978, you have an access and a modification right on your data. You can also decline the process of checking your data by contacting us or not signing the authorization. In this case however, EveryCheck will not be able to complete the mission addressed by the employer.

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